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About the book:

"The Power of Self-Care" is a comprehensive guide to help you prioritize and cultivate self-care in all aspects of your life. From nourishing your body and mind to achieving financial balance, this book provides practical tips and strategies for creating a sustainable self-care routine that enhances your overall well-being.

  • 11 chapters covering various aspects of self-care
  • Actionable tips and exercises to help you implement self-care practices in your daily life
  • Real-life examples to inspire and motivate you
  • Learn how to prioritize and cultivate self-care in all areas of your life
  • Enhance your physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, financial, career, and creative well-being
  • Improve your relationships and build healthy connections
  • Boost your confidence, self-esteem, and sense of purpose
  • Achieve a balanced and fulfilling life that aligns with your values and goals
  • Cultivate resilience and better manage stress and challenges
  • Create a sustainable self-care routine that works for you

About the checklists:

Our 8 essential checklists cover different aspects of self-care, including physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, financial, career, and creative self-care. Each checklist provides practical and actionable steps to help you prioritize and implement self-care in these areas of your life.

  • Comprehensive coverage of different self-care areas
  • Practical and actionable steps
  • Easy to follow and implement
  • Can be used individually or together with "The Power of Self-Care" book
  • Helps you develop a well-rounded self-care routine
  • Improves overall well-being and quality of life
  • Provides clarity and focus in each area of self-care
  • Saves time and effort in self-care planning and implementation

What readers are saying

Quotation Mark

I highly recommend 'The Power of Self-Care' to anyone looking to improve their well-being. The book is filled with practical advice and actionable steps that have helped me prioritize self-care in all areas of my life.


Quotation Mark

It's easy to read and packed with tips and strategies that have made a real difference in my life. The checklists are a great bonus that keep me on track.


Quotation Mark

Checklists are a fantastic tool that have helped me create a self-care routine that works for me.



What does the bundle "The Power of Self-Care" + 8 checklists include?

The bundle includes the comprehensive book "The Power of Self-Care," 8 essential checklists covering various aspects of self-care (physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, financial, career, and creative self-care), and a printable weekly self-care planner to help you stay organized and focused on your well-being.

How can the bundle and checklists benefit me?

The bundle and checklists offer a holistic approach to self-care, providing valuable insights, practical guidance, and actionable steps to enhance your well-being. They empower you to prioritize self-care, develop healthier habits, build connections, achieve financial stability, nurture creativity, and create a harmonious life.

Are the checklists customizable to my specific needs?

Absolutely, the checklists are flexible and can be tailored to your unique needs, goals, and preferences. They serve as a framework for assessing and customizing your self-care practices.

Can I use the checklists independently from the book?

Yes, the checklists are standalone resources that can be used independently. While the book provides comprehensive insights, the checklists offer practical steps and reminders for implementing self-care in specific areas.

Is the bundle suitable for beginners in self-care?

Yes, the bundle is suitable for individuals at all levels of self-care awareness. Whether you're starting your self-care journey or looking to deepen your practices, the book and checklists provide guidance and actionable steps.

How do I access the digital version of the book and checklists?

Upon purchase, you'll receive instant access to the digital versions of the book and checklists. You can download them to your device or print them for easy reference.

What if I'm not satisfied with the bundle?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not completely satisfied with the bundle and checklists, please reach out to our customer support within the 15 days return period, and we'll gladly assist you with a refund or alternative solution.

Can I purchase the book and checklists separately?

Currently, they are only available as a bundle, but individual options may be available in the future. Stay tuned for updates.

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  • Printable weekly self-care planner


*with the code "happylife" -30%

15 days satisfied or refunded